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Our Beliefs and Core Values

Client Centered

Financial advisory is an extremely personal business. Clients should choose, and remain with, an advisor based on two separate criteria: personality and philosophy. To have any hope of succeeding in lining up one's savings and investment programs with one's most cherished lifetime and transgenerational goals, you must be reasonably compatible with your advisor. Clients and advisors who relate to each other on the basis of portfolio performance is simply the blind leading the blind.

We believe that the essential foundation of all financial success is thrift: the deferral of gratification, the act of living not within one’s means but below it, and investing the difference.

There is no possiblity of lasting financial success without an excellent plan, which can only be created by an excellent planner.

Once a plan is in place, the advisor's paramount function is as a behavioral coach, helping clients not to blow the plan up, as they are consistently hard-wired to do.

We are here to help you reach your dreams and honor the promises you have made to loved ones, not to sell you a product or to achieve a rate of return.

Our goal is not to see how big we can get, but rather how small we can stay.

We do not value the things we have in life, but rather the people we have in our life.

We believe the true measure of net worth is to be loved by those we want to be loved by.

We know money can’t buy you happiness but it allows you to enjoy your misery at some of the most magnificent places on earth.

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