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Jeffrey Steinberg, CFP®, ChFC, CLU, JD

Jeffrey Steinberg, CFP®, ChFC, CLU, JD

Certified Financial Planner­™

Jeffrey Steinberg has combined his three decades of financial and legal expertise to become specialized in the areas of financial, retirement and estate planning. He is committed to helping his clients plan for and meet all of their financial goals so they can honor the promises they have made to themselves and their loved ones.

Jeff saw his grandparents retire in their mid 70's with a decent sized nest egg. Less than 10 years later they ran out of money and had to rely on Medicaid to live. They ran out of money because they never had a financial/retirement plan. This event made him realize that he wanted to do all he could to prevent this from happening to others and to help make others lives better financially. This ignited his passion to inspire people to do with their money what they need to do instead of what they want to do. This became his WHY.

The future is unpredictable but Jeff knows we can and should prepare for it. He feels that sound financial planning is the ultimate extension of the love you have for your family. It is a way of creating joy and peace of mind in a world of chaos and entropy. It helps prepare you for the critical financial events in your life, some of which are predictable and some of which are not.

Jeff believes the only sustainable basis for a successful advisor/client relationship is perfect mutual trust. Trust is the most important currency in the world. He also believes that all successful planning and investing is goal-oriented and planning-driven whereas all unsuccessful investing is market-oriented and performance-driven. He feels that the essential foundation of all financial success is thrift: the deferral of gratification, the act of not living within one’s means but below it, and investing the difference. Jeff does not value the things he has in his life, but rather the people he has in his life. He feels that the true measure of net worth is to be loved by those we want to be loved by.

In addition to his many years of experience in the financial services industry, Jeff is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, a Chartered Life Underwriter and a Chartered Financial Consultant. Jeff provides his clients with a comprehensive range of wealth management solutions directly related to their specific financial, retirement and estate planning needs and goals.

Jeff is also an attorney licensed to practice law in Florida. He received his law degree from Fordham University School of Law with honors, and his undergraduate degree from Brandeis University, also with honors.

Jeff resides in Palm City with his wife, Ruthie. His daughter Danielle is a graduate of Duke University and is in medical school at Florida Atlantic University. His son Jake is also a graduate of Duke University and is now an engineer for Exxon working in Texas. Jeff has led fund-raising efforts for the American Cancer Society, St. Jude’s Research Hospital, the Alzheimer’s Association and an annual toy drive for needy children. Jeff is an avid golfer, a fitness fanatic, and enjoys reading and going to the movies.