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We are lifetime financial planners, the steward of your most cherished financial goals, who, by definition, think and work in time frames that encompass whole lives, and indeed that are transgenerational. We are not economists, portfolio managers or market analysts. As such, we will never set forth an economic or market outlook precisely because over a several decade retirement the current economic and market environment does not matter. We offer you no basis for believing that we or anyone else can consistently get you in and out of the market with any consistency, and we won’t try.

We do not accept a portfolio without a plan. All successful long-term investing is goal-oriented and therefore planning-driven. All unsuccessful investing is market-oriented and performance-driven. An income you cannot outlive in retirement, a hand in the education of your children and grandchildren, and significant legacies to the people you love and leave behind in the world are financial goals; these can and must be planned and invested for. Beating an index, a benchmark, the market or another investor is not a financial goal and cannot be consistently achieved. Outperformance is neither a financial goal nor a sound plan for the attainment of long term financial goals.

We are retirement income planners who work to help make sure you will always have enough income to maintain your dignity and independence in retirement. We do this by helping you accumulate enough assets during your working years to be able to retire comfortably, and then making sure you withdraw those assets at a sustainable rate during your retirement years, so that you can remain comfortably retired.

Our job is to keep you appropriately asset-allocated, and well-diversified, in a portfolio which maximizes the historical probability of achieving your long term financial goals. We help you to accumulate, protect and then transfer your wealth.

While you may purchase investments from us, we feel that the most valuable purchase you are making is into a relationship with us. We develop long term, and hopefully life long, relationships with our clients and their families. We will never try to convince you of anything. We are not in the convincing business, we are in the truth business. We will always give you truthful and honest advice, and let the chips fall where they may. We help you face the future with anticipation and optimism, not apprehension and fear.

We want to be judged not on the basis of performance, but on our ethical standards, our devotion to your best interests, and our competence as your planner and behavioral coach. And we want to be the last financial planner you ever have.

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